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We know the advantages of Flexibility; increases blood flow to muscles, improved the physical performance and decreased the risk of injury by allowing joints to move through Full Range of Motion (ROM).


One of the easiest tasks for a person should be to develop great flexibility. It takes both a short amount of time and effort.


À-Kata the Tao system that achieves both.


Why do so many spend so much time to develop it and end up with meager results?







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           Range of Motion


Stretching and Flexibility have a multitude of Medical and Therapeutic advantages and benefits. If performed correctly.


Range of motion: The full movement potential of a joint, usually its range of flexion and extension. (MedicineNet)


MentFlexX is the system, a form used with À-Kata to achieve all avenues. Though it is a fixed system, it can never be replicated or reproduced.


You can stretch anytime, anywhere in the home, at work, in any room or at the park. (Mayo Clinic)







            Body Alignment


Correct body alignment is the optimum alignment of the human skeletal structure in which the body is perfectly balanced.


Poor posture takes us out of this alignment and is a source of many health issues.

With correct alignment, digestion is improved, decreased physical stress and fatigue combined to give the user a natural, personal feeling of self.


MentFlexX includes all components of a workout. All benefits are ingrained, maximized, and enhanced in decreased amounts of time, for long periods with little to no maintenance.




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